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Brent Hartsburg is a ventriloquist - comedian and former race car driver.

Brent competed in a variety of racing series, between 1974 and 1991, all across North America.

Brent turned to ventriloquism after he developed a cripplling joint condition that sidelined his other careers. His pal Davey is a knock-off parody of Brent’s former life... and because Davey loves the ladies - he is sponsored by "Leftovers Dating Service".

Brent and Davey have performed at all kinds of venues across America - lounges, nightclubs, trackside and anywhere else that his pitcrew has dumped him after a race!

Davey's humor can be tailored for any age group or audience. His jokes are straight from the track and Brent's sometimes greasy past is always up for a laugh when Davey starts motor-mouthing off!

If you are looking to book talent for an evening of off-track humor or auto-amusing comedy contact Brent anytime by email or phone: 587-434-3003.

Sometimes he is up to his elbows in Davey's business and it may be hard to answer immediately so leave a message and he'll get back to ya fast as he can (and Davey says the ladies always said he was fast ;-).

So call him anytime - Brent & Davey are always ready for a roadtrip to Funtown!

Nascar/Winston Cup Stock Car Curcuit
Pictures from the track-
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Stock Car / Nascar Formula 2000 Open Wheel

Brent's racing career covered stock cars, sprint cars, super modifieds, Formula 2000 and sport cars. His experiences with those and the Indianapolis 500 and NASCAR/Winston Cup series pepper his and Davey's routines and add to the Off-Track excitement for race fans and audiences in general!